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A Letter from the President & CEO

Most industry professionals recognize ABC for its leadership in government affairs and advocacy. Perhaps less well know is our level of dedication and commitment to being the industry’s leading provider of education and training.

ABC invests over $1 million every year to help meet and improve the workforce of tomorrow. We are the most diverse and dynamic non-profit organization in the industry driven every day to help our members solve problems they and the industry face.

We are driven to do what we do because of our shared belief that ABC members should have an equal opportunity to win work and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably.

We believe ABC members like to do work with people they know and trust. We believe ABC members deserve a fair, open and predictable regulatory environment. And we believe in developing the safest and highest skilled workforce in the industry.

You know us for our great events and opportunities to network and develop your business; nowhere can you find a larger contractor member base. In fact our level of dedication and success at what we do leads many people to forget that we are a non-profit association. Every time you attend an event your support isn't just contributing to bigger and better parties, it’s helping achieve real improvements in our industry on behalf of your business.

That's the difference between joining an association and belonging to one.

Peter M. Dyga, CAE
President & CEO
Associated Builders and Contractors Florida East Coast Chapter, Inc.