All Contacts

Kashmanian, Mark

RAMS, Inc.

Keitz, Dale

Kennedy, Chris

V.P.-West Palm Beach Operations
Suffolk Construction Co., Inc.

Kennelly, LEED, AP, Andrew

Sr. Project Manager
Wharton-Smith, Inc.
Office: (407) 321-8410
Cell: (407) 947-5750

Kettner, Ken

Kibler, Kris

Vice President
Grycon, LLC

Kilpatrick, Brian

Vice President
HITT Contracting, Inc.

Kilpatrick, Matthew

Division Manager
M.C. Dean, Inc.

Kinberg, Edward

Kirby, Rex

Kleiss, Jeffrey

Florida Regional Manager
Midasco, LLC

Kolb, Lori

Sales & Business Development
Continental Glass Systems, LLC

Kornahrens, Kevin

Krijt, Karene

Business Development Manager
La Cuisine International
Office: (305) 418-0010 ext. 116

Krisell, Ryan

Office: (954) 459-0814

Krogh-Hansen, Hans

Sales and Marketing
Southern Foam and Insulation
Office: (407) 654-1251

Kroll, M. Scott

360 Degree Construction
Office: (786) 202-0132