All Contacts

Bachiller, Gypsy

Baer, Bob

Management & Development
Central Civil Construction

Baez, Gabriela

Director of Internal Operations
Mandour Construction
Office: (718) 772-2305

Balter, Michael

Marcum LLP

Bardelas, Diane

Vice President
Kendall Electric, Inc.

Barges, Timothy

Director of Southern Florida
Shawmut Design and Construction

Barna, Todd

Barona, Veronica

Office: (305) 649-1995

Barros, James

Commercial Development Consultant
Caesarstone USA
Office: (305) 758-6601
Cell: (305) 613-2855

Barthet, Alex

Bassett, Joel

Becena, Alicia

Director of Business Development
Klaus Parking Systems
Office: (305) 687-5733

Becker, Jordan

South Florida Executive Representative
Power Design, Inc.
Office: (727) 244-5355

Beckett, Paul

Bellowar, Steve

Office: (610) 312-6100

Bencosme, Bryan

Cell: (954) 871-3865

Bencosme, Frankiana

Business Development
Paramount Consulting & Engineering

Bengston, George

Benitez, Juan

Bennett, Bryan

Office: (561) 318-7096

Benton, Cornelius

Business Development Manager
Structural Technologies

Benton, Sandra

Berling, Benjamin

Project Manager - II
The Haskell Company
Office: (904) 318-4355

Bernard, Brian

Project Development
B & B Contracting, Inc.

Bierbrunner, Steven

Bifulco, James

Director of Operations, TSC Southeast, LLC
TSC Southeast, LLC
Office: (786) 360-5240

Biscardi, Robert

Office: (561) 362-4484
Fax: (561) 362-4485

Bisono, Ed

Business Development Manager
ASAP Installations, LLC

Blake, Robin

Office Manager
Florida Civil, Inc.
Office: (754) 222-9259 ext. 201

Blanch, Gaston

Office: (305) 630-4777 ext 218
Fax: (305) 279-3022

Blanco, Tatiana

Sales Representative, 5883 NW 37th Ave., Hialeah FL 33142
Lanco Paints
Office: (305) 638-5050

Bland, Joe

General Manager
ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Blangiforti, Lisa

Office: (646) 383-3722

Bloem, Alec

Office: (954) 947-3644

Blume, Rick

Regional Sales Manager
Lanco Paints
Office: (407) 240-4000
Cell: (407) 417-4925

Bockweig, Pieter

Business Development/Preconstruction/Government Relations
NEI General Contracting
Office: (407) 347-4417
Cell: (407) 489-9379

Bonilla, Ama

Bonilla, Patricia

Bookholt, Connie

Office: (954) 440-4187

Boone, Christina

Office: (305) 247-3226

Borgia, Thomas

Bostic, Judith

Bostic Steel, Inc.

Botting, Scott

Project Manager/Estimator
Griffin Dewatering
Office: (305) 968-5390

Bou Fadel, Albert

Office: (877) 727-5565

Boucher, Andre

Senior Project Manager
Westwind Contracting, Inc
Office: (954) 961-7200

Boyce, Roger

Brambier, Lyle

Bravo, Ruben

Business Development Manager
Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Office: (954) 447-0000

Brewton, Forrest

Brito, Kateryna

Marketing Manager
Pirtle Construction Company

Broadway, Adam

Brooks, James J.

Advanced Stucco
Office: (954) 772-9007

Brown, Kimberly

Brown, Michael

Office: (561) 299-8122

Brown, Mike

Office: (407) 654-1251

Bruce, Bill

Vice President - Operations
Florida Rigging & Crane Company

Bubanja, Sasha

Buchanan, Scott

Vice President
Coastal Screen and Rail

Buchbinder, Laurie

Office: (954) 540-6678

Butcher, William

Vice President
Chrome Electric, LLC

Butler, Jeff

Senior Estimator
Robins & Morton Group
Office: (305) 722-3259

Butters, Mark