All Contacts

Bachiller, Gypsy

Baer, Bob

Management & Development
Central Florida Equipment

Baffer, Ben

Project Manager
Kaufman Lynn Construction

Ballard, Elisha

National and International Sales Manager
Finish Line Staffing
Office: (502) 855-1754

Balter, Michael

Marcum LLP

Bardelas, Diane

Vice President
Kendall Electric, Inc.

Barges, Timothy

Director of Southern Florida
Shawmut Design and Construction

Barna, Todd

Barnett, Dean

Barros, James

Commercial Development Consultant
Caesarstone USA
Office: (305) 758-6601
Cell: (305) 613-2855

Barthet, Alex

Bassett, Joel

Becker, Jordan

South Florida Executive Representative
Power Design, Inc.
Office: (727) 244-5355

Beckett, Paul

Bedzow, Adam

Managing Principal
Ceiba Groupe
Office: (954) 306-6160

Beers, Paul

Managing Member
GCI Consultants, LLC

Bellowar, Steve

Office: (610) 312-6100

Bencosme, Bryan

Cell: (954) 871-3865

Bencosme, Frankiana

Business Development
Paramount Consulting & Engineering

Bengston, George

Benitez, Juan

Benson, Bill

Managing Partner
Keefe McCullough

Benton, Cornelius

Business Development Manager
Structural Technologies

Benton, Sandra

Bernard, Brian

Project Development
B & B Contracting, Inc.

Berry, Ed

Division Sales Manager/Ft. Lauderdale/West Palm Beach
Republic Services of Palm Beach
Office: (954) 327-9594
Cell: (678) 525-4971

Bierbrunner, Steven

Bifulco, James

Director of Operations, TSC Southeast, LLC
TSC Southeast, LLC
Office: (786) 360-5240

Bisono, Ed

Business Development Manager
ASAP Installations, LLC

Blair, James

Titan Stone, LLC

Blake, Robin

Office Manager
Florida Civil, Inc.
Office: (754) 222-9259

Blanch, Gaston

Office: (305) 630-4777 ext 218
Fax: (305) 279-3022

Bland, Joe

General Manager
ABC Concrete Cutting, Inc.

Bloem, Alec

Office: (954) 947-3644

Bonilla, Ama

Bonilla, Patricia

Bookholt, Connie

Office: (954) 440-4187

Boone, Christina

Office: (305) 247-3226

Borgia, Thomas

Bostic, Judith

Bostic Steel, Inc.

Botting, Scott

Project Manager/Estimator
Griffin Dewatering
Office: (305) 968-5390

Boyce, Roger

Brambier, Lyle

Brewton, Forrest

Brito, Kateryna

Marketing Manager
Pirtle Construction Company

Broadway, Adam

Brooks, Dean

Sales Manager
Creative Sign Designs
Office: (813) 814-2117

Brooks, James J.

Advanced Stucco
Office: (954) 772-9007

Brown, Hermine

Brown, Kimberly

Brown, Michael

Office: (561) 299-8122

Brown, Mike

Office: (407) 654-1251

Bruce, Bill

Vice President - Operations
Florida Rigging & Crane Company

Bubanja, Sasha

Buchanan, Scott

Vice President
Coastal Screen and Rail

Buchar, Amy

Business Development Manager
The Weitz Company
Office: (954) 505-2086

Buchbinder, Laurie

Office: (954) 540-6678

Bushea, David

Division Manager
Proctor Construction Company

Butcher, William

Vice President
Chrome Electric, LLC

Butler, Jeff

Senior Estimator
Robins & Morton Group
Office: (305) 722-3259

Butters, Mark