All Contacts

Macdonald, Bryon

MacRobert, Roy

Maggi, Paul

General Manager
Fisk Electric Company

Mandour, Shrief

Office: (718) 772-2305

Marin, Jose

Office: (561) 366-2200

Marker, Grey

Marquez, Carlos

Martin, C. Tony

Martin, Dawn

Media Account Manager
ENR - Engineering News Record

Martinez, David

Office: (305) 468-6604

Martinez, Rachel

Office: (305) 769-9900

Marzano, Dominick

Office: (954) 580-0615

Massaad, Sarkis

Commercial Vehicle Account Finance Manager
Bill Seidle's Nissan
Office: (305) 633-8000

Masson, Scott

Maurer, Larry

McCaffrey, Dave

Vice President Business Development
Biscayne Roofing and Waterproofing Systems
Office: (888) 440-7663
Cell: (954) 540-0676

McCann, Peter

McEachin, Don

McFarland, Bruce

McGrath, Stacey

McNeill, Ann

Mecias, Annie


Megias, Jorge

Technical Manager
Viega LLC
Office: (407) 242-0132

Melamed, Howard

Office: (954) 340-7053

Meltzer, Brad

Plaza Construction

Mendoza, Jesse

Office: (239) 659-0940

Mesa, Jorge

Messam, Angela

Office: (561) 463-2399

Messam, Steve

Business Development Executive
Messam Construction
Office: (561) 463-2399

Michael, Sandra

Vice President
Proietto Companies

Midelis, James

Midelis Group

Milbourne, Warren

Miles, Stephanie

Office: (321) 269-1124

Milinski, Matthew

Office: (754) 222-9259

Miller, Harley

Miller, Ronald

Vice President
Trekker Tractor, LLC

Miller, Sidney

Mitchell, Chris

Mitchell, Mike

Commercial Sales
Sherwin Williams

Molina, Andy

Director of Business Development
National NNL Group, Inc.
Office: (954) 440-4187

Mollis, Kristi

Monge, Isabel

Office: (561) 366-2200

Montenegro, Jo Anne

Creator of Opportunities
Hoover Architectural Products

Montenegro, Jo Anne

Business Development Specialist
Mobile Modular Management
Office: (800) 944-3442
Cell: (786) 682-7281

Moore, Timothy

Moorhead, Timothy

Mora, Orlando

Moraca, Thomas

Morales, Marisol

Office: (305) 470-8284

Moran, Brandon

Territory Sales Manager, Miami
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Office: (786) 336-5245

Moran, Christopher

Moreno, Oscar

Office: (786) 360-3521
Fax: (305) 452-0560

Morneault, Jessica

Office: (561) 578-6668

Mueller, Brian

Munilla, Laura

Office: (305) 539-0606
Cell: (305) 345-5056

Munilla, Natacha

Muns, Armando

Vice President
AG Contractors FL, LLC
Office: (305) 503-9869

Muns Sr., Armando

Office: (305) 503-9869

Murro, Jerald

Project Contracts Manager
G.L. Homes Building Corporation