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Welcome to Dakota Plumbing, where family values and exceptional craftsmanship converge to bring you the finest plumbing products in the industry. As a family-oriented company, we understand the importance of building lasting relationships with our customers, and we take pride in our commitment to providing fixtures that embody our principle of quality for life. Our dedicated team works with unwavering passion and compassion, always striving to deliver the best solutions for our customers and the plumbing industry as a whole. With Dakota Plumbing, you can trust that our products and services are designed to exceed expectations, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. Join us on this journey as we revolutionize the plumbing experience and create a legacy of excellence.
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800 NW 65th Street Suite B
Fort Lauderdale, FL  33309
Jeff Hughes
Chief Operating Officer
Office: (954) 987-3430
Fax: (954) 987-3434
David Kaye
Office: (954) 987-3430
Fax: (954) 987-3434
Sharon Joy
Senior Sales Southeast Region
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Fax: (954) 987-3434
Cell: (561) 800-7001

Fi-Foil Company, Inc. Member

Fi-Foil: Industry Leader And Innovator We specialize in high performance insulation technology: reflective insulation and radiant barriers. This category of insulation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world, and Fi-Foil offers the most diversified range of products and systems in the category. For more than 30 years, hundreds of millions of square feet of our products have been installed in residential, commercial and agricultural structures providing cost effective thermal performance. We develop, manufacture, distribute, and service this technology everyday in an effort to further solutions for the building envelope. Our insulation products and systems include: simple reflective facings for commercial buildings, unique multi-layer reflective insulation and radiant barriers for residential structures, advanced inert gas filled panels for military buildings, and other products and applications in-between. Energy Efficiency is what we do every day.
Phone: (863) 268-7361
612 W. Bridgers Avenue
Auburndale, FL  33823
Sherri Riccio
Director of Marketing
Office: (863) 268-7361
Tony Newman
Director of Sales
Office: (863) 268-7350
Rod Miller
President & CEO
Office: (863) 268-7348
Jan Bradford
Sr. Director of Architectural Program
Office: (863) 268-7346
Jose Zamparripa
Inside Sales
Office: (863) 268-7364
Gene Bassham
Inside and Technical Support
Office: (863) 268-7344

Haskell Member

A Global Leader in AEC Solutions.
Phone: (904) 318-4335
111 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL  32202
Benjamin Berling
Project Manager - II
Office: (904) 318-4355
Chris Ware
Senior Project Manager
Office: (904) 318-4335
Dave Auchter
Vice President Corporate Marketing
Office: (904) 318-4335
Director - Project Development
2405 North Courtenay Parkway # 202
Merritt Island, FL  32953
Phone: (321) 290-0677